arrow keys - wasd - zqsd ~> to move

space bar ~> dash

mouse ~> to aim

left click ~> to throw 

right click ~> throw multiple money bills

get to 30 to get to level 2 and 40 in level 2 to finish the game !


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Nice concept, what was the them?

After dying 2 times I realize that you just need to be under one platform and press LMB and kill all enemies. 

If you improve that can be a better game.

enemys now drop down and jump up platforms !

seems cool, i didnt really feel a sense of progress or a feeling of knowing what i was doing. I ran a bit to the right of the screen so all the enemies spawned on my left side, held the LMB and moved it up and down slightly, killing everything.... After about 200 seconds i stopped playing :)

well then the game broke because that is  normally not possible !