So this is my submission for the GMTK jam 2018 ! 

The theme for this jam is "GENRE but you can't MECHANIC" 

So i chose the genre "top-down shooter" but i removed the aiming mechanic

it is replaced with an orb in the middle that draws your fire towards it !

This are the controls ->

To move; wasd (in the settings you can change this to zqsd when you select azerty) 

                    or arrows

To shoot; lmb (left mouse button) or space (also autofiring can be turned on in the                               settings)

To dash; rmb (right mouse button)

About me;

Hi my name is Victor Thys i am 14y (in 2018) old and i live in belgium i like games, pixel art en game dev. Some of my favorite games (in no order) are; Nuclear Throne (pretty much all vlambeer games), The legend of Zelda serie ( all of the games)

Hope you have fun !

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